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Monday, November 2, 2009

Task 4 - Imperial Navy Paint Plan

Adept showed how to operate the file server so here is the complete paint plan in .pdf format. I hope it is helpful and as usual any feedback is appreciated.


  1. I like this idea for a Imperial Navy Drop Zone

    Group. But would'nt they include drop troops (grav-chutes). Have done any more models? How about using classic Arbites troops, and sticking a grav shoot on there backs??

    Colonel Kurtz (retired)

  2. I like it when Mordian Iron Guard are given white dress gloves. its just damn right.

  3. Thanks.....I'm kinda partial to the white gloves myself. More to follow on my Mordians. Adept and I may be playing in the 40K Team Tournament at BoLScon at the end of July. That being the case we have work to do. I am trying to finish my Bretonnians for the WH GT as well.