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Monday, October 12, 2009

Task 1 - The Imperial Navy - First Security - Assault Group (1st SAG)

While transporting the 21st Mordian Air Assault Regiment near Rynn's World  the orbital strike cruiser Uncommon Valor was boarded by orks .  The Uncommon Valor's Security/Assault Division rallied and fought bravely to stem the green tide as it poured into the ship from their ramshackle assault boats.  As orks overwhelmed the Navy crewmen the 21st Mordian moved into position to reinforce the defense of the ship.  The skill and iron will of the Mordians halted the and eventually repelled the ork boarding parties.  Captain Liscomb of the Uncommon Valor was  so impressed with the skill, tactical proficiency and courage of the Mordians that he petitioned the Officio Munitorium to have a three companies attached to his ship as replacements for the losses the Uncommon Valor had sustained in the attack. The Munitorium approved the request and some 350 Mordians were transferred from the Imperil Guard to the Imperial Navy.  Inspired by the parade dress look of the Mordians Captain Liscomb ordered them keep their blue dress jackets and had them take the white trousers and caps of Navy crewman. The Mordians kept their positions but changed to Navy Rank equivalents. (ie. Sergeants became petty officers and lieutenants became ensigns)and integrated into the Uncommon Valor's
crew.   The former Mordians have proved themselves many times over in combat and embrace and excel in their new role in the Imperial Navy.

  The primary role of the 1st SAG is to secure and defend forward airfields for an orbital strike cruiser's Atmospheric Combat Division.  The organization of a Imperial Navy SAG is modular lends itself to an incredible amount of flexibility. It is not unusual to have one combat platoon made up of two infantry squads and all of the mortar and heavy weapons sections while the other Combat platoon consists of three infantry squads and a command squad mounted in Valkyries.  Any number of tanks from the Armored Support Group or Anti-Aircraft Group may also be attached to the SAG. The 1st SAG is organized under the Assault Security Division of the strike cruises Orbital Strike Department of the Orbital Strike Cruiser Uncommon Valor.

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